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A History of Commerce

Grace has its business origins in the funding of the guano and sugar trade between the United States and South America. Providing merchant capital for shipping and trade between New York,  and South America. Members have been involved with companies like Grace Brothers & Co. Ltd., W.R. Grace & Co., and The Peruvian Corporation Ltd. William Davies of Grace Brothers & Co. and The Peruvian Corporation Ltd. was an integral part of many financings involving Grace in South America. Jose Flores joined after many years with W.R. Grace & Co., and as President of Minero Peru Commercial S.A. The group expanded its asset-based lending practice in the United States with the investments of the Salas Gevaert family, through Grace Capital Group LLC.

Grace Capital Group LLC. and Banco de la Casa Grace S.A.C. are privately held entities that do not hold commercial banking licenses. Please contact us to schedule an introduction.

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Family in the News

Saturnino Salas Passes


June 2nd, 2012

He served for many years as a director of Gevaert Photoproducten, a firm founded by his maternal grandfather, Lieven Gevaert. He was a Director of the Gevaert Group, a leading investment company in Belgium who owned 25% of Agfa-Gevaert, KBL, AEGON, and KBC.

17 descendants of the Gevaert family visited Agfa Gevaert.


June 22nd 2018

Laura Salas Flores, the only living granddaughter of Lieven Gevaert and her husband Jose E. Flores, brought 4 generations of her family on a trip through Antwerp & Mortsel. A trip down memory lane, for a first-hand experience of the legacy their (great-great)grandfather has left, and the enormous impact he has had, not only by establishing an international imaging business, but also through his visionary approach and social responsibility.

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